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Dust and Imago Dei

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus! (for tomorrow) It is also the beginning of the great feast of Lent, as our sisters and brothers from the Orthodox Easter call it, as well as sometimes ‘the Lenten Spring’. For some of us … Continue reading

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An Evangelical Apology

Originally posted on lurchersontheedge:
I wrote this to an individual after an encounter. It is rough and ready; and offered in a spirit of grace. To a sister on my journey (reflections used with permission) I am basically an evo…

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just a note

I will be posting here occasionally…. but I am also to be found here: I know it is a bit confusing and complex. Then that is quite like me…. I have just posted this in the other place I … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday 2016

Ailadrodd hanes. Mae’n rhaid iddo. Nid oes unrhyw un yn gwrando Geiriau gan y bardd Saesneg Cristnogol, Steve Turner. Dan ni’n byw yn y byd lle mae’n hawdd peidio â gwrando Gwersi o hanes yn cael ei anghofio. Today is … Continue reading

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A poem for Adoption Sunday

Not flesh of my flesh Not bone of my bone But still miraculous, My own Never forget For a single minute That you not being from my loins Has made me into a different kind of man And a changed … Continue reading

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Ground control to planet teenager

So, well I occasionally get to visit planet teenager. I am on planet adult or as inhabitants of planet teenager might call it planet different. It is sometimes known as planet retro for those fleeting moments that it becomes cool. … Continue reading

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The Planet Teenager

I am a parent of a teenager. I am currently on a course for parents of teenagers. Let me be clear my teenager and I love each other in a dad/lad sort of way. You might be forgiven for thinking … Continue reading

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