I am (quite possibly) an Evangelist

I am (quite possibly) an Evangelist.

That in and of itself seems to be a difficult thing to say both within the church and outside today.

I have in my time done street preaching: London, Rotherham, and Newcastle to name three places. I have done door to door visitation (and still love cold calling, although it is easier to do wearing a clerical collar). I like preaching with a view to persuading people to follow Christ more closely. I suppose I have a charism for it, as well as a quiet smile and I hope a willingness to listen.

I simply do not understand those who believe that evangelism has no place, and that somehow the call to follow Christ is one that it is too offensive to utter. I admit that the call offends. It must do. The call to change inevitably means just that.

I have never found though someone who is committed to something else is offended. A devout Muslim or Jew is more likely to take a live and let live approach than be slighted.

I am simply positing some questions. I really would like to know why evangelism which has always been the bedrock of church growth and spirituality is regarded by many as something beyond the pale.


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  1. I am not offended by your calling, it’s part of who you are and I like who you are. I think some people are just too closed minded to accept someone else’s point of view.

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