I am the Vicar, I am

I am the vicar,

I am the pastor, the carer, the listener

the one with the time to drop everything and

I also understand global politics and immigration

I am the one who knows about Afghanistan

and cares about ‘our boys’

and I care about speed-humps



and the positioning of zebra crossings near schools.

I am passionate
about school assemblies

council meetings

mums and toddlers and also

I am good at one-to-one and small groups and

I listen and empathise and at the same time

I am the one who plans and strategizes and

I am the one who understands budgets and decides if we can buy
any staples

or replace the heating system.

I am the vicar, I am.

I am the quiet reflective
prayer and

I am the speaker, the enthuser, the motivator, the learned teacher

I can engage a room of 10, 50, 300 people with no problem

I am the one who relates particularly well to children

older people

the middle-aged

the jobless

the employed

the doctors

teenagers and

I am the one who is always one step ahead and

I am the one who is endearingly disorganised.

I am the vicar, I am.

I care passionately
about church politics

I care passionately about domestic abuse

I care passionately about the plight of Anglo Catholics

women priests

gay clergy

evangelicals and

I listen to the pope

the archbishop and

Rob Bell.

I am up-to-date with
logical developments.

I understand the history of the reformation

the armed forces

the war

the government

the deanery

the Jewish background of Jesus and

I care about the excluded and

I manage my admin and

I know how to access children’s services.

I am the vicar, I am.

I am the one in whom
trust is placed

I am the one in whom grumbles are placed

I am the one who is always talking to everyone else

I am the one who models worship










I often get it wrong.

I am the one who has to keep my doubts under wraps and

I am also the one who is vulnerable and




I am the one who chairs

I am the one who manages group discussions

I am the manager of an organisation that employs only me

I am the volunteer co-ordinator

the opinion co-ordinator

the trespasser on the territory of people who have
been around a lot longer than me

and will be there after me.

I understand the heating system

the financial system

the rota system.

I love committees.

I drink tea with
r people

And coffee with younger people

I listen to stories of bus routes and hospital visits

I believe in transforming our community through the power of

I am the one
ho is very tired.

I am the one who hates wearing dresses but
still smiles

and would love to be muddy all the time.

I am the one who only
works one day a week.

I am the one
who loves this job.

I am the one who is making it up as I go along.

I am the one who would not swap this for anything.

I am the vicar, I am.

With thanks to Janet Chapman of Birmingham Cathedral for this delightful and perceptive piece. It is from http://theblogofkevin.wordpress.com


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8 Responses to I am the Vicar, I am

  1. Phil Groom says:

    Genius: thank you!

  2. Glenys Norton says:

    I am a clergy Mum I am
    I see my son living every line
    My son is very tired most of the time
    I am a proud clergy Mum I am
    Of my son the vicar, Sam

  3. David says:

    Sent here via the ever-delightful Phil Groom. As someone who’s thinking about Anglican Ministry… this is astounding, perceptive and bang on the button! Thank you!

  4. Every member of every church congregation should read this! It reminds me of all my vicar does for my church family.

  5. mouthymary says:

    I am a pew sitter
    I am
    I do all that too
    I do
    and I have a full time job!!!

    We all need each other!!!!

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  7. Theresa Brion says:

    Thank you. Thank you. I am the tired vicar who rejoices in what you shared. We all can add different stanzas but we all can rejoice in saying that we do a lot and we love a lot, especially what we are called to do and be! Thanks. Theresa

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